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Intraoral Digital Scanning in Cupertino, CA

Intraoral Digital Scanning is now a standard procedure in modern dental practices. Dr. Craig Mitchell of Cupertino, CA is pleased to offer digital scanning to his patients. This procedure provides numerous advantages to our patients, including:

1) Improved impression accuracy; better details provided to the lab when fabricating restorations for patients.

2) We can easily see the gums, teeth, and other oral structures, allowing us to make more precise diagnoses and treatment plans.

3) Speeds up the time between the final impression and the final restoration, whether it is a crown, a bridge, an implant, or for an orthodontic evaluation.

4) Immediate feedback on the preparation design, if changes are required

5) More comfortable for our patients, especially if you gag easily.

6) Capture a 3D image quickly and easily with only one person.

7) The scanner allows us to preview the final result - the advanced algorithms allow us to see realistic images of your mouth.

8) The digital scans can be stored electronically for future reference and accessed or shared digitally, allowing us to collaborate with our dental lab or with specialists easier.

Integrating the Latest Technology in Your Dental Care

“Many of our patients come from the hi-tech industry, so they appreciate the integration of the iTero Element Flex 3D scanner and the use of digital technology in our practice," says Dr. Mitchell. We've discovered that our patients accept technology and are happy with the new innovations we're introducing into their care."

This newest scanner, which has been in development for over 20 years, has a more compact head and a faster processor, allowing for a more comfortable experience for both our patients and the doctor. With this cutting-edge technology, your visits will be faster and more comfortable, and our impressions will be more accurate. The scanner employs safe (zero radiation) Near Infrared Imaging (NIRI) Technology to provide us with cutting-edge, highly realistic images.

Improved Precision and Accuracy in Impressions of the Mouth

We also appreciate the fact that it means fewer messy impression trays instead of having to hold a tray steady in your mouth for 3-5 minutes while a mold is made of your teeth. Because the digital scan eliminates two steps in the traditional process, minor errors in impressions or pouring up a stone model are dispensed with. It also makes it great for our dental labs because they don’t have to worry about potential cross-contamination or disinfecting impressions that come into the lab space. It creates a more efficient and seamless digital workflow between our office and our dental lab.

Improved Monitoring of Patient Progress

The small wand allows us to quickly take a full mouth scan in vibrant color, allowing us to quickly evaluate your mouth and show you exactly what may be going on in your mouth. These stored images can be later accessed and reviewed allowing better monitoring of the progress of treatment.


Improved Quality of Patient Care

Finally, it is a great patient education tool for us to show areas of the mouth that might have concerns in the future or to demonstrate how we can help improve their bite or esthetics with various procedures. Overall, it makes it significantly easier for patients to understand and value what is possible and it is quickly becoming one of our invaluable tools in our office.

If you are ready to experience a newer technology for helping take care of your dental needs, give us a call today! Dr. Craig Mitchell in Cupertino and his friendly team look forward to helping you with your dental needs. Call us today at 408-255-9422.


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